Reality of Human

Muhammad Rehan
3 min readSep 4, 2021


There are about 8 billion people on earth. Everyone is unique in his creation, even not a single human share his thumbprint with other. There are only two types of them, some are of pure nature and some are of perverted nature.

People of pure nature do not commit crimes, they don’t do ill things. Even if they mistakenly do it, they repent and seek forgiveness, if not, at least their mind blames them. People of perverted nature do not hesitate to do ill things, to harm anyone for their own interests. In other words, they are slaves of their own desires which is known as ‘Nafs’ in Arabic.

An example in the Quran chapter 14 is explained by God to clear what is the nature of human beings. He swt gives an example of a lamp that is placed in a niche, as the human heart is placed in the rib cage.

The lamp is in a good supply of olive oil of a tree neither in west nor in the east, but in the center where all light of the sun is in good supply. It will have an oil of very good quality of burning.

Those lamps who have a very clear unbiased nature, do accept the light easily but for biased people ( People who love this world, who don’t care about anyone, who seek only their interest, who are selfish, who don’t hesitate to do unethical things, who love to have the power of this world) it is very difficult to accept.

The word Noor (light) is used in these verses, which can be the Sun of the righteous path and he will easily accept the light and fills his internal lamp with the Noor.

We are in a shop, want to buy a pair of shoes, but with limited money. We will definitely buy a pair that is durable, comfortable, beautiful, etc. In other words, It will be ideal for us.

Now let's have another scenario, now we have an unlimited amount of money. The criterion is different in this case, We will have another definition of ideal pair of shoes now.

But after two months, both pairs will have the same value. At the time, when we bought them, they were ideal but after two months of use we start to know the defects and ultimately we lost interest in them.

Similarly, in each and every case we start to assume that thing, personality, to be ideal, but when we get close to it, all its defects become clear. Even it is a marriage, or friendship, or shopping.

The concept of ideality can’t be removed from the human mind, even we can’t convince anyone not to be idealistic. Why is it?

The answer is that we all were in cold storage after our creation and we have seen that ideal authority of this universe but our mind can’t remember it. That is why we are idealistic but become dissatisfied when try.

So, the Noor (light) in the form of the Quran is here and those with the clarity in their nature when studying it, definitely, attracted towards it and their priorities about this world become completely different.